Can You Help Me Find the Best Tagline for This Blog?


“We’re sorry to interrupt your normally scheduled blog post

with an important announcement”.


I’m stuck and I need your help.

Can you help pick the right tagline for this blog?




The poll will be open for 1 week.

The winner will NOT achieve fame and glory

but will have the gratitude of myself and entire family.

Author: Christine Lee aka CeeLee


List your blog goals and get writers block-free!



My Blogging Goals

I know this, right?


Let’s do a quick, fast and dirty re-cap

Over the past month, I’ve joyfully dragged you (kicking and screaming for help) along with me, as I identified the problems behind my ADHD creativity-gems , exploring possible options in hopes of being able to work around the little terrors. Or at the least make peace with them, since they refuse to leave.

My reason?

So there would be no more of my subjecting innocent and unsuspecting readers to posts of questionable 3am star quality. Well there was that, and no there would be no further tongue clicking in disapproval over the poor grammar and atrocious punctuation on display. (I know it was you, Mom) I was good with that.

I had nary a cramp nor a twinge of impending writers block. All systems go.

Then I entered the WordPress Blogging 201. It’s the 14 day challenge to help you brand, build and grow your blog. And I want to brand, build, and grow my blog, just as if it were a mutant tomato plant that got overfed on mega-doses of fertilizer. Not that I have any knowledge in mutant tomato plants or mega-doses of fertilizer. Okay. Not much.

I most definitely have el zilcho experience in blog growing.

As soon as I read the words, “write down 3 concrete goals you want to achieve with your blog…” that was it. My inspiration and creativity got up and walked, stumbled, okay fine, it limped. But it limped faster than US Airways realization of their oopsie, how’s that?

So moving forward but back to my point, I’m stuck. 


CeeLee’s blogging goals


1. Learn how to make and actually use an editorial calendar for blog posts and ideas.

To be able to plan out what I’ll be posting about in the following months. Ahead of time.


2. Consistently publish a pre-written and pre-scheduled, and coherent,(no 3am stars) post-every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

To start this month and going through to August 31st 2014.  *No excuses.

*Excuses: Laptop or the car breaking down and/or possums invading the house.


3. Starting this month til August 31st 2014-I want to spend 30 minutes twice a week to comment.

Yes, I said comment on my followers blogs to let them know I’m not a spammer, a robot, or a snot. Nothing other than me, being me.

I think that’ll do for a good start towards blogging goals.


I’d better get to work on making them happen.


Author: Christine Lee aka CeeLee



100 Days of Happiness Week Review 6



Happiness for  April 7th-13th 



  • Monday April 7th

Having the spring monsoon considerately wait until Duck and I
got home-before letting loose? Definite win.

  • Tuesday April 8th

I got up-late- but I did get up. That still counts, right?
Seeing the sun after all the rain if only for a second, helped.

  • Wednesday April 9th

Wild flowers blooming all over the front yard on a warm and sunny spring day.


  • Thursday April 10th

We officially have a stoop! DIY house additions take forever but are still worth it.
Because it’s something you can claim and no one else.


  • Friday April 11th

Sharing other people’s happiness blogging to share with all of you.
I loved this one: In My Lifetime


  • Saturday April 12th

The DIY work continues. And so does Duck’s vocabulary.
DIY Work Goes On


  • Sunday April 13th

It’s been a big DIY week out here. Mucho happiness from
getting a new laundry room built by The Redneck and a new washer delivered.
New laundry room

But that’s me.

What made you happy this week?

Author: Christine Lee aka CeeLee

Prompted: The Writer’s Best Friend



Write Now Prompts


Write Now Prompt: April 4th 2014

Having a birthday party after the age of 30 was silly, but she’d insisted. And when Tawney insisted on something,  it was in the best interest of his libido that he go along with it. He may’ve failed mathematics in school, but he knew the answer to solving the Get Lucky equation was always:

x=(humor her) and y=(grin and bear it). 

It was time. He’d done his part, now it was her turn.

They were alone at last… except for the robot. He frowned. It was the only weird-o gift he’d gotten and of-course it would’ve been from her. He wondered what it was supposed to do. It would behoove him to figure that out before she was done primping. The question might come up and pre-empt his bed bouncing plans before they started.

She hadn’t thought to include the instruction manual. Typical. Deceptively heavy for a little thing and curiously warm despite being made of metal. His fingers brushed against the bottom and a blue glow filled the room.

The thing pulsed once and a mechanically cheerful voice spoke.

Hello and thank you for buying The Writer’s Best Friend.

We believe everyone has a best-selling story residing within them.

It’s our job is to extract them. Are you ready to begin?”

Intriguing to say the least. Oh what the hell? Why not?

“Yes?” he muttered cautiously, casting a wary glance towards the bedroom. Still in the clear.

“The Writer’s Best Friend is about you-writing the story of a lifetime.

We know that the best stories come from the writer’s personal experiences.

We create the experience for you,

with a topic of our choosing and collect it from your brain waves.

Do you consent to session 1?”

“Yeah, yeah.”  Just hurry up and get this over so he could get on to the main festivities.


“Session 1. You are on shipwrecked on a deserted island.

You need to escape. Begin.”

What the hell?!

The lights went out.

When he woke, it was to the surf lapping at his feet.

Author: Christine Lee aka  CeeLee



Explore Fatigue with the 5 Levels of Tired



Life as I Know it with ADHD


So you stayed up all night working on a 3 am star and now your butt is dragging.

You need to get things done-but you aren’t sure what is left in your energy reserves.

It’s time to check your creativity fatigue.

4/10/14 Update.
I looked at the post title for 2 days before realizing that I had forgotten to put in the word “creativity”. It was supposed to be Explore Creativity Fatigue with the 5 Levels of Tired.
Whoops…Guess that proves the point I’d made about being deaded-better than I could’ve imagined ;)


The 5 Levels of Tired…



5. Draggin’ yo’ wagon

You are definitely tired.

example: Doing a role reversal with a cashier. When you ask her if the intended purchase is to be credit or debit. And you aren’t a cashier there or anywhere else.

Mental Functions

Serious thinking is becoming difficult but can be preformed with extra effort.

  • Decisions regarding finances, spur of the moment road trips, and password setting should be avoided, you’ll forget them anyway.

Driving Ability

You should still be okay to drive.

  • Turn music to moderate  level and concentration to caution. You should make it through the day with little to no snafu occurances.


4. Cream Crackered

Between tired but mentally functional and tired and mentally dysfunctional.

example: Placing a TV remote in the freezer that you’ll end up looking for, for the next 3 days.

Mental Functions

  • Postpone all decisions regarding haircuts and DIY spray-on tans. The results will have you appearing as if you’re trying out to be an extra in another Willy Wonka movie. One sporting a sleek new crew cut. And you aren’t a guy.

Driving Ability

Proceed with caution.

  • Set music to 3/4 volume level, open back windows, and attention should be on red lights and stop signs. ie: stop for both.
  • No rolling stops. Today will also be the day you’re most likely to get a  chance to greet a cop and then have to plead with him to not get a ticket. Don’t even try.


3. Crunchy

Completely exhausted.

example: You’ve had to re-set your password 3 times in a row in less than 15 minutes.

Mental Functions

Thinking has entered the ssloww-mmo stage. Warning. Power reserves at critical level.

  • Decisions regarding a Duck’s passionate speech about putting off homework til later, letting dogs come in from outside after indulging themselves with a day of mud bathing, and whether having PopTarts for dinner is a great idea must not be made at this time.
  • They will be the wrong decisions. Ones that end in drama and chaos. (And mud in places you never wanted to see)

Driving Ability

Do you have to drive today?

  • If it’s an errand that can be done tomorrow, be strong. It can wait.
  • Otherwise, ingest a liquid with a cafeiene content strong enough to power the Space Shuttle prior to your hitting the road.
  • Music up to shake the rearview mirror level, all windows down and stay out of the hammer lane.


2. Inquant

Also known as slap happy.

example: Searching high and low for your car key. The one already in the ignition. With the car running and music playing. With the “Low Fuel” light flashing brightly from the dashboard. Because the car is just that sneaky.

Mental Functions 

Everything is funny, even if it isn’t. There are no brain cells currently firing. Danger! Shut down sequences initiated.

  • Say nada to The Redneck. Though you think your remark or observation is truthful and hilarious (and it probably is) he will not share the same sentiment. And you will get a free lesson in the Was That Necessary? category, whether you need it or not.

Driving Ability

If driving is a requirement, concentration should be in maxed-out red zone range.

  • All windows down and music full volume.
  • Use songs with a-LOT of bass. The vibration rattling your teeth will keep you alert.
  • Slow down and do the double look-both ways-before making any turns.

1.  Deaded

Beyond exhausted. You are now a walking, mumbling zombie.

example: Agreeing to Duck’s request to buy a platypus as a family pet.

Mental Functions

Brain cell destruct sequence completed and engaged, awaiting code for one minute countdown.

Ask yourself:

A.  Are my shoes tied?

B.  Is my hair combed?

C. Will my appearance scare people?

Driving Abilities

Hahaha! What? You’re serious?!

  • Do you let a blind person drive? No?

Then why are you even considering driving with a brain-dead zombie?


And I’m spent.

Speaking of deaded-time to hit the rack ;)




100 Days Of Happiness Week Review 5


100 Days of Happiness List


March 31st  through April 6th


  • Monday March 31st

It’s a twofer. Greetings from Spring Break (yay) I’m happy that I kept up with Duck today.
It’s harder than it looks! And our getting a Jolly Lobster Award makes any day more interesting.
source: gifs paradise

  • Tuesday April 1st

Happy can come in many forms. It could be a winning lottery ticket, a repair guy fixing the washer, or it could be the friend I thought I’d lost, but didn’t.

  • Wednesday April 2nd

My getting The Very Inspiring Blogger Award sure made the happiness list and my Wednesday, all the brighter.
Thank you- for making me smile-100daysofhappy

  • Thursday April 3rd

A fave candy bar lobbed in my general direction from the Redneck after he came home from work today. Because he loves me like that.

  • Friday April 4th

Finding other people’s happiness blogging to share with all of you.
source: gifs paradiseI loved this one:  My name is Steven, I know things


  • Saturday April 5th

The chance to be educated on twerk-wheels (do they come with training wheels? I’d need them) and the kindness shown to a noob still trying to figure out where she belongs in the blogging world.

  • Sunday April 6th

I’m looking back on what a crazy week it’s been. Chasing a wild Duck, getting some blog awards; these things are great but the best part of all? I got to sleep for more than 4 whole hours last night. Amazing what that can do for an overloaded and overcooked brain. :)

source: gifs paradise

What made you happy this week?

Author: Christine Lee aka CeeLee