A Math Word Problem, A Train And An Objectivity Lesson

Remember Those Damn Word Problems In Math Class?
Remember Those Damn Word Problems In Math Class?

Imagine if you will…”

Two passenger trains of the same approximate height, weight, and length. Both are carrying the same number of passengers, going at the exact same speed and…headed right for each other. Remember this type of word problem in math class? I hated them. But that’s not why I’m telling you this. Back to the point I’m belaboring to make, what would you do if aboard one of those ill fated trains watching the oncoming one? Besides screaming like a girl. You know you would, don’t lie. 

I can’t stop a train, are you crazy?!

You would do nothing. That’s correct. I mean, really. What can you do? Try to stop this from happening with the sheer force of your will and subjecting the opposing train to the super human power of your mind? Eh…wrong answer. If you’re opting more along the lines of a more traditional approach, such as trying to reason with something that’s bigger, weighs more, and can run you over without so much as a hitch,  is well…kind of whacked. Yeah. Good thing for you, you’re not on that train.

The object lesson of the day

The trains reach the point of no return and… pass by each other, going opposite ways on parallel tracks. This, this is what it’s like, to be ADHD and struggle, to get whatever idea you might have, biting you on the ass, to be understood by a non-ADHD person. Close, so close, but no blue ribbon. Two different people. Two completely different perceptions. One idea. By the time you’ve gotten my point, I’ve sped past you, had this conversation, complete with outcome and even planned for contingencies. Catch up already!

Thank you, for riding Ceelee’s WTF?! Train…

Now ask me how often I get this to happen. Yeah…Successfully share my idea and have little to no frustration, from trying to get the other person to grasp the concept on the first or second go round. Get it? “Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle, until it comes to a complete stop. Thank you, for riding Ceelee’s WTF Train, we hope you enjoyed the ride. Have a nice day! ” Ta da…my work is done. Bet you’ll get an A. If you ever find yourself on a train and see another and…wait, no. I mean in seeing how ideas and perceptions can be difficult. Yeah. Sorry. I was thinking I’d already written this post and had a reply.  ;)

All Aboard CeeLee's Train Lesson
All Aboard CeeLee’s Train Lesson


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